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Flowing with the Seasons

Here in Wisconsin spring is a fickle maiden. One day she tempts us with the promise of summer, teasing us with warm whispers and the scent of new blossoms, an alluring perfume. The nest day she is cold, snippy, she spits rain in your face contemptuously; the date you made yesterday is off, no picnic for you, stay at home and find your own source of warmth and comfort.
Is it no wonder then that those of us who are sensitive to nature and her moods find ourselves grappling with our own rollercoaster of emotions.
I have always been subject to the whim of the seasons.  The winter blues or cabin fever can plunge me into the depths of an existential crisis. Summer brings a sense of freedom and joy, but by August I begin to feel like the party girl who has had a bit too much to drink, I just want to go home and sleep.
Spring typically brings a renewed energy, a sense of hope, and inspiration.

Therefore I feel a slap of disappointment when little miss Spring decides to withdraw her affection and warmth, such a tease! But like most sassy girls when she’s good she’s good, and today she was kind and flirty. I was lured by her charms to my little garden plot to pluck some weeds, I reveled in the nostalgic aroma of her Lilac blooms and my dogs trotted along happily as we walked to the co-op to buy some early greens.
 Life can’t always be like a perfect spring day just as we can’t always be happy, hopeful or inspired. We have our rainy days, our own fickle moods and throughout life we have our seasons. Nature is authentic, gritty, beautiful, terrible and yet she moves with grace through her changes. She makes no apologies for the sudden thunderstorm, but she brings renewal and growth in it’s wake. Every mood serves it’s purpose, to cleanse, to nourish and sometimes to destroy in order for healing and renewal to take root. Like Nature we can flow with the changes and seasons of our life fully alive in the expression of of the moment and  aware of our purpose.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 08:23 PM AST [General]

I have always thought of spring and fall as the transitional seasons. This is especially true here in the northern part of the United States, where people often will say “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”. Things do indeed change quickly; one days there’s snow, the next , 50 degrees and sunny. These sudden changes can often reflect events that are occurring in our lives. For survivors, change be welcome, unsettling, exciting and frightening all at once.
Maybe that’s why the transitional seasons evoke so much nostalgia. Maybe they trigger memories of times in our lives where change was immanent or needed. These are powerful times. Most survivors know the fear and anticipation mixed with hope that can accompany change; especially change for the better. We desperately want to be out of our abusive situations yet we fear the unknown. We fear our abilities to cope with the demands of a “new life”. We have probably been convinced by our abusers that we are incapable of caring for ourselves. And yet with the tenacity of a crocus reaching toward the sun, steeling itself against the unexpected snowfall and finally blossoming in beauty, we press on, we survive and finally, we thrive. But just as the crocus bulb is genetically encoded to retreat and rest after blooming, waiting to return next the following spring, we remain aware that change is an inevitable and necessary fact of life. We don’t always welcome change, like the unexpected snowfall, but with tenacity we can hang in there until the next sunny day.
Happy Spring
© 2010, Jenifer Hazard