About the Crows

Crows can Speak is the evolved version of my original blog, Nanakoosa’s Place. Since beginning blogging a little over a year ago I have experimented with different formats, schedules and even some “special features”. Having played around with this “experiment” I think I have finally come to find my place in the world of blogging. It feels like a quieter place now. At first I was all a flutter with ideas, driven by the desire to accomplish some sort of reputation and notoriety. I was like the new kid at school, desperately hoping to fit in, and equally as desperate to hide my apprehension. I realize now that I have found my place on the playground and although I am neither teacher’s pet nor class clown, I have a small following of like-minded individuals who seem to appreciate what I have to say.
Have you ever listened to crows? They have a remarkable ability to communicate. I will often listen to them calling to one another and passing the call down the street to the next, and to the next and who knows how far it continues. That’s how I feel about those of us online storytellers, we put our words out there and we may know of a few who hear us, but we have no idea how far our message will spread. Next time you hear a crow, think about the words you speak and where they may echo.

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