Pay it Forward Day

Merry Monday to Everyone,
As I was browsing through the numerous Facebook groups that have been grabbing my attention I came across this link to pay it forward day. I’d forgotten that this has become an actual annual event, but I remember my kids participating in High School.
Naturally we might think “Why don’t we do this all the time” or even “I have nothing to give”. To answer the first question, hopefully some of are doing this all the time, maybe we do and don’t even acknowledge it as such. Everyday acts of kindness are not uncommon, encouraging others to participate is almost unheard of. The most significant impact of asking others to pay it forward or do something kind for someone else, is not to draw attention to ourselves and how wonderful we are for doing nice things (although I believe it’s healthy to give ourselves a little pat on the back now and then) but rather to draw peoples attention away from themselves and direct it to another Human Being, or an animal. I frequently express my belief in the importance of Community (you may have noticed) Setting aside a day to actively call to attention the impact that simple acts of kindness present to a community increases our collective awareness of the quality of our community. We may find ourselves talking to a neighbor we’ve never spoken to, or a stranger in a grocery store and as a result we may learn something about that person, something we would never have known otherwise. We will have the chance to come out of our shells, the bubble we surround ourselves in and communicate. And, here’s the beautiful part, if we are not comfortable asking a stranger or even those we know to pay it forward, you will see on the website there are printable cards to be passed on to the person you offer your kindness to. These cards can be left anonymously taped to someones door or stuffed in their mailbox, on their desk at work etc.
To address the question “what can I do?” the answer is simple, anything. Any small act of kindness and consideration creates it’s own echo. Pick up some trash (I mean garbage, not a dude) in your neighborhood. If you have money slip some into the pocket of someone you know who doesn’t. Offer to lend a hand to an overworked co worker. The website has lots of ideas and suggestions but I also think it’s important for us as individuals to decide what is needed in our community.
The date for this event is Thursday, April 28
here’s a link to the website:
Pay It Forward Day

Go Forth and Be Nice!!!!

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