Monday Musings upon Musing upon Monday

Happy Monday Everyone      
Many of my blog posts are written ahead of time but I decided Mondays Musings should be true to the name and reflect what it is that I am musing on that particular day. Since today is the first of my Monday Musings, I was naturally musing about the words “Monday” and “Musing”
Monday, as most people know is named for the Moon, Moon-day. In many cultures Moon-day was considered the first day of the week  Apparently that offended some people who thought “Moon-day” was too “pagan” and did not deserve the spot at the head of the table so they replaced the venerable position with Sun-day. Hmm not much different aside from the fact that with some exceptions the Moon is often associated with the female deity and” the Sun with the male.
The wryly cynical side of me can picture it perfectly Father Sun and Mother Moon just hanging around the Heavens, Sun is watching the sports report on t.v. Moon is drying dishes in the kitchen.
Sun : “Mooooon, honey, I’ve been thinking; being the first day of the week is..*.sigh* “well you seem a little stressed out lately”
“What do you mean stressed?”
“Well I dunno it’s just you don’t shine all the time and well, frankly it’s been a pretty long time since we eclipsed…”
The white blood drains from Moons face, she’s seen Sun looking at that damn Venus with her pale blue glitter.
Sun continues, he knows he’s gotten her attention now…”I’m just saying I could take over as First Day for a while and give you some time for you, your time ” Sun smiles encouragingly, his Golden eyes flash with persuasive charm.
“You know you’re right I could use a change of pace…sure you go ahead and take first day, I’ll do Second day”
Sun settles happily into his recliner coveting the knowledge that pretty soon the Christians will be running things and his day will be the Day of Rest…and Football”

© 2011 Nanakoosa’s Place, authored by Jennifer Hazard


About nanakoosa

Me...I am a trained Advocate and Counselor with 20 years experience working with Youth and Families. My most recent employment brought me to the field of Domestic and Sexual Violence Counseling and support. I myself am a Survivor of violence and have been on both side of the service desk, which provides for a unique, often conflicting, theoretical orientation. I am a regular blogger, journal keeper and story teller. My current focus is to give voice to the experiences of survivors, to shine some light in the dark corners of family life where all the spiders and creepy things hide. I also enjoy writing about my unconventional childhood in the tumultuous 60's and am dabbling in memoir writing. I have three wonderful children, two fabulous granddaughters and an assortment of pets. View all posts by nanakoosa

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