Shameless Self Promotion

Thanks to my friend and Media Consulting Diva (among other roles) Theresa Reed, I have received another tip on promoting an online presence and getting noticed. I started blogging because I felt it was a way for me to stay active while unemployed and to use my experience to continue to inform and advocate for others in my own way. As my mother has often said “You do like doing things your own way” I’m not selling a product or promoting services at this point, but I am finding blogging, writing and networking has not only fulfilled the role of “keeping me busy”, but has allowed me to communicate with and learn from so many others with treasure troves of wisdom to share.
I just recently published a post addressing the value of social networking for survivors and I don’t want to be redundant. I do, however, want to re emphasize the my conviction in the potential that is offered by todays media for the disenfranchised, for those who have been robbed of their voices and will no longer be silent to utilize whatever method they are comfortable with to share their message.
For myself, I’ve spent the past year, learning the ropes the basics of various online resources and opportunities. I’ve written more than I have in years. I’m discovering I am happy, this is a lifestyle I can hang with, writing and community organizing. So if any others are interested in ways to promote your writing, or to make connections with others who share similar goals and interests, I will be happy to share resources as I become aware of them. Just drop me an email and I will reply as soon as I am able. In the meantime, no more sales pitches (it’s good practice for me so thank you for indulging me!) Next post we’ll get back to the real nitty gritty!

Theresa can be reached for individual consulting sessions at

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About nanakoosa

Me...I am a trained Advocate and Counselor with 20 years experience working with Youth and Families. My most recent employment brought me to the field of Domestic and Sexual Violence Counseling and support. I myself am a Survivor of violence and have been on both side of the service desk, which provides for a unique, often conflicting, theoretical orientation. I am a regular blogger, journal keeper and story teller. My current focus is to give voice to the experiences of survivors, to shine some light in the dark corners of family life where all the spiders and creepy things hide. I also enjoy writing about my unconventional childhood in the tumultuous 60's and am dabbling in memoir writing. I have three wonderful children, two fabulous granddaughters and an assortment of pets. View all posts by nanakoosa

2 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion

  • ianquill

    Well, I aint a 'lady' with a past but hey, we seem to have so many other things in common. I know how much writing helped me when I was really bad, did you ever read – Keep on writing Jen, you bighten my world… Ian

  • Nanakoosa

    Ha ha well you don't have to be a lady with a past to be here (although having the “past” helps)
    Just read the post you linked to, great minds think alike! And it's true that this (and probably other misfortunes) bring people together in a way that really becomes Community.
    You brighten my world as well Ian and thank you for the encouragement!

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